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We are specialized in training programmes on safety and security in the workplace.

What do we offer?

  • Video based online training programmes tailored for your organization

  • Seminars

  • Lectures

We are proud to work with:

The Swedish Courts, Police departments, hospitals, Uppsala University, Karolinska Institute, ICA, Securitas, Nokas, City of Stockholm, City of Malmoe, City of Gothenburg, Postal Service, Capio.

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How our online training programmes are designed (in Swedish)


online training programmes and seminars

Blended learning - the best of two worlds

Our experienced experts and the best digital tools - a powerful combination.

  • Share expert knowledge to all employees

  • Create an emotional involvement with films and interviews

  • Activate participants with quizzes, games and tests

  • Turn theories into practice during seminars

  • Create lasting effects and visualize organizational values


activate, measure and follow up

Advantages with video based online training 

Visualize the policies of your organization. Share important know-how from your staff and our experienced experts.

Save time

  • Use your smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Choose when and where doing it - in small or larger portions

  • No fixed course dates and expensive conference venues

Keep knowledge up to date

  • Repeat yearly and use as reference bank

  • Offer training programs for newly employed

  • Discuss relevant films in your workgroup

Connect course and workday

  • Films and interviews offer role models for constructive behaviors

  • Interactive tools create practice and experience

  • Follow up with seminars where we apply the models in the online course

We are proud to work with clients such as:

Stockholm City, Gothenburg City, Trollhättan City, Familjebostäder, Stockholmshem, ATG, Loterie Romande, atlantic Lottery, Norsk Tipping and Svenska Spel.

Computer simulations and films allow you to learn where and when you choose.

Computer simulations and films allow you to learn where and when you choose.


“I dare say that both content and delivery were something of the most captivating and useful I have ever experienced.”

Participant, course in crisis management


Experienced expert

Alexander Tilly

Certified psychologist and one of Swedens most sought after experts on conflict management and violence prevention.

“My mission is to help people manage conflicts and threatening situations in safe and constructive. During twenty years, I have lectured about communication, conflicts and violence. I have the privilege to meet people from all walks of life and discuss values, world view and personality. I have a fantastic job!”

With extensive practical experience of violence prevention, and a thorough academic training, Alexander combines evidence based knowledge and street smart tools. This makes him a respected lecturer on how to balance dialogue and assertiveness in the face of aggression.

Alexanders ability to make complex issues tangible, is appreciated by clients all over Sweden who wish to improve their workplace safety.


  • Certified psychologist and Masters degree in philosophy.

  • Author of “Prevent threats and violence in the workplace” nominated to The Work Environment Book of the Year 2014.

  • Expert in Government project concerning mental illness for the Police department during 2017-2018.

  • Teacher in conflict management at the Police Academy and trained crisis and hostage negotiators for the Police department.

  • Security personnel for ten years.

  • Many years experience of self defence training, teaches self defense in Sweden and internationally.

Lectures on violence prevention for:

Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University, Linköpings University, Capio, ICA, Swedish Courts, National Police, Skånes University Hospital, Stockholm County, Stockholm City, Gothenburg City, Malmoe City, Swedish Church, unions, social services and municipalities all over Sweden.


Sustainable Interaction

Sustainable Interaction has been transforming knowledge about psychology and pedagogy into innovative products for change and progress since 1999. We’re passionate about exploring, developing and enhancing the origin where psychology and technology meet.

  • Leading supplier of web-based trainings and digital tools for Violence prevention, Responsible Gambling and E-Health.

  • Our multi-disciplinary team consists of psychologists, therapists, designers, copywriters, system developers and project managers.

  • We work with government agencies and corporations in more than 20 countries and supply organizations with up to 100 000 people.

  • Our clients don’t need any technical requirements, we take responsibility for everything.

  • We give our customers full control of the final product as we deliver tailor made systems, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Competences within security and workplace safety

A network of experts

We cooperate with top professionals in the fields of forensic psychology and security.

We have a large network of qualified psychologists, police and other experts in security, safety and workplace environment.

Our psychologists and security experts have been engaged in government assignments, in the Bergwall Commission and trained the police's crisis and hostage negotiators.

We collaborate with qualified expertise in risk and safety assessment, crisis management, personal assessment, personal protection, emergency care, ISO certification and other relevant areas.

Our team combines academic excellence with great practical and technical experience.


Erik Jönsson

Senior safety adviser and lecturer, former police officer.

  • More than 25 years experience as a police officer.

  • A variety of special skills in tactics, self-defence, communication, CPR, weapons, pedagogy and conflict management.

  • Erik worked for several years at the Police Academy as a teacher in communication, self-defence and conflict resolution.

  • He has been involved in the development of the Police authority's tactical concept for crowd control, investigation on the use of pepper spray (OC) in interventions and the Police authorities tactic during school shootings and terrorist attacks.

  • Lectures for the Social Services, HVB-homes, authorities, hospitals, schools, health centers and within the security industry.

Erik works with customers such as:

Stockholm city, Gothenburg city, Trollhättan municipality, Swedish Courts Administration, Stockholmshem, Familjebostäder, Rikshem, Helsingborgshem, Swedish Church, City Mission, Salvation Army, Nokas, Securitas, Keolis, Stena Line and PostNord.

“I notice that you really know what you are talking about Erik, you have a lot of experience, but is still humble that there are several ways to go about it.”

Participant, lecture for care and hospitals

“The best part is that Erik shares his own examples and allows the participants to be active.

Participant, lecture for city employees


Physical techniques


Our concepts are developed from the police authority's system for tactics and self-defence and adapted to civil circumstances. Everyone can improve their tactical mindset, since we can practice it daily.

  • Work tactically and make conscious choices in risk environments.

  • Develop situational awareness and recognize early signs of risk behavior.

  • Use distance and environment to control a situation.

  • Create ways to retreat from a threatening situation.

  • Train decision making, cooperation and communication during stress.

  • Clarify roles, expectations and interpretations in risk situations.

Self-defense techniques must be drilled repeatedly during stress, if they are to be applied against people with intend to harm.

  • Learn techniques to control and transport.

  • Use distraction and surprise to regain control.

  • Practice self-defense against typical forms of attack.

We teach basic principles for safety in hostile environments. We balance a safe pedagogical situation with just the right level of challenges in scenarios with increasing complexity.


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